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Eric’s Empire Featured On…

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in Blog

I have to admit whenever I began redesigning my portfolio a large part of me was doing in hopes it would get featured on some of the top CSS galleries on the web and help drive new traffic from passionate designers all over the world.

Well to my pleasure, over the past couple of weeks I have submitted Eric’s Empire to some of the top web gallery sites on the web and many of them has added my site to their galleries. As a result I am getting hundreds of new visitors per day and emails from some great designers around the globe. Not only that but other sites and blogs that I never even submitted to are linking to me as well.

As a designer I highly recommend submitting your site to as many galleries you can find. Because it gets your name and work out there and it brings a perfect opportunity to meet and network with other designers around the world.

I decided to make a list of the sites that are giving Eric’s Empire some love and linking back to them in this post. I’ll update the list if more come in.

CSS Mania – Probably the #1 visited CSS gallery site on the web

WeLoveWP – A WordPress Gallery Site

DesignArtWall – Wall of Gorgeous Design Inspiration.

Sixrevisions – An awesome design blog.

Open Source Hunter – A blog with great and useful opensource resources, tools, tutorials, interviews, inspirations, contests, and lots more.

Divvoted – A Website Gallery where you can vote for you favorite sites on twitter.

CSS Creme- The Best Web Flavours

Css Design – A CSS gallery in France

MostInspired – A Website Gallery and blog

CSS Star -  A CSS gallery

CSS Showdown – A CSS design gallery

CSS Orgy – A CSS gallery with a great name.

CSS Glance – A CSS gallery and website showcase.

Designer Source – Web Design Showcase.

Inspiration Up – A CSS and Flash Gallery

Daily Slurp – A website gallery from the maker of DesignMeltdown

Css Showcase – A CSS gallery in the UK

Css Loggia – A CSS gallery – A CSS and Web Gallery

CSS Brigit – A CSS and Web Gallery

digCSS – Web Design and CSS Showcase

CSS Count – A CSS inspiration Web Gallery

CSS Folder – A japaneese Web 2.0 Gallery

CSS Based -  A CSS based Web Design Gallery

Nice Stylesheet – A gallery showcasing fresh CSS inspiration

Selected Web Design – Directory and Gallery of inspiring websites

2 Responses to Eric’s Empire Featured On…


April 17th, 2009 at 12:58 am

Congratulations, Eric! Your blog/portfolio site is hot. You did an awesome job. You design so well when people in suits aren’t holding you back with their stodgy opinions. Keep up the lovely work.


April 17th, 2009 at 10:52 am

Thanks Ginny!

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