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Desmond is My Constant T-shirt

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 in Blog

Desmond is My ConstantIf you haven’t heard of Busted Tees, it is the greatest t-shirt store you’ll ever find and they have a pretty sweet looking website too, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway they essentially sell joke t-shirts. A lot of them make fun of stuff in pop culture,  politics,  quotes etc.  I get a weekly newsletter from them every Tuesday where they usually give me this weeks sale or new t-shirts that’s been added. Well they have managed to top themselves this time around with the
Desmond is My Constant T-Shirt!

Right now you are either laughing or thinking “what the hell does that mean?” Well if you ever watch Lost then you know exactly what I am talking about and you are ordering the shirt as you read this post. However, if you’ve never seen Lost then you should seriously think about renting the DVD’s because it is only the best dramatic series on TV right now!

Even if you hate Lost and have no idea what Desmond is My Constant means (I would explain it to you but it might take a while) you should still check out BustedTees For The Funniest T-Shirts Around. because I am confident you’ll find something there to make you smile.

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September 10th, 2009 at 4:24 pm

you’re right,

this shirt is being ordered right now.

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